FIST is a commercial-off-the-shelf smartphone and web-based Knowledge Management System that advances the power of data fusion and knowledge creation for a wide variety of mission sets to include military, law enforcement, governance, and humanitarian missions. Using geospatial, temporal, link, and social network analysis tools and techniques, FIST enables a continuous cycle of actionable information creation, in real time, to increase responsiveness for security missions, governance, and humanitarian assistance.  NOVA has combined forces with the creator of FIST, Kestrel Technology LLC, to bring its extensive experience in the Information Technology Services arena to complement the cutting edge innovation of the Kestrel team.


How it works

FIST leverages standard mobile devices with a custom smartphone application (Gather), in conjunction with a globally-accessible web portal (FusionPortal) to perform real-time visualization and assessment, data collection, analysis, alarming, and dissemination.

FIST enables sensor fusion, media-rich real-time reporting and operator tracking and tasking to the field. FIST can be rapidly deployed with both limited and advanced information technology skill-sets.  FIST functions in both connected and Disconnected, Intermittent, Limited (DIL) wireless network environments.


Internal/Transnational Security & Defense

FIST facilitates internal and transnational security and defense missions by effectively cataloging, managing, and illuminating the various dimensions of “dark networks” so that personnel can understand and act on emerging patterns and trends. This application of FIST leverages the science of Social Network Analysis by automating the transformation of reports submitted by field personnel into social network charts, thereby enabling the visualization and intuitive understanding of previously unknown or misunderstood organizations. FIST is ideal for use in missions such as counter-terrorism, counter-trafficking, and counter-narcotics.

Law Enforcement

FIST integrates disparate sensor systems with handheld field collection to support a common operating picture for Law Enforcement. This includes systems such as automatic license plate recognition (LPR), Explosive and Narcotics sensors, unmanned ground sensors and unmanned aerial vehicles. FIST also incorporates biometric reporting that provides rapid fusion and analysis of human and vehicle movements and activity patterns to create actionable information to support acute response operations. This common operating picture helps organizations in combating the spread of internal and transnational security crimes. 

Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief and Emergency Response

HADR missions are particularly challenging due to real-time data gathering and visualization due to connectivity-related hurdles common to post-disaster events are a constant challenging. These connectivity challenges disaster response coordination and are likely to continue to present a major challenge in future disaster response efforts. The FIST system mitigates these limitations through a number of innovative solutions including advanced cellular data transfer techniques, store and forward capability, satellite/radio/WiFi communication interoperability, and SMS reporting capability.

Maritime Domain Awareness

MDA is a complex regional threat that necessitates close coordination, communication, and systems interoperability across various agencies and jurisdictions. The capability to provide information to remote Subject Matter Experts and decision makers is a significant force multiplier and operational enabler. FIST features significantly advanced capability to coordinate far flung field operations in both communications-rich and communications-austere environments, as well as share operational information across all echelons of response and support in real time. 

Disease Modeling & Health Mapping

FIST collects relevant information regarding disease outbreaks and symptoms in order to understand trends in disease transmission, and provides this information to health care professionals in a timely fashion. FIST manages large quantities of survey information, and facilitates future data gathering and integration. FIST’s web-based segmented data housing design ensures the most efficient and controlled data sharing with partner organizations.