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IT Mobility Solution (FIST)

The Field Information Support Tool (FIST), developed by Kestrel Technology Group (KTG), provides real-time, relevant, and multi-source information to increase responsiveness for security missions, governance, and humanitarian assistance. FIST leverages commercial-off-the-shelf mobile devices and a custom Android application (Gather), in conjunction with a globally accessible web portal (Fusion Portal) to perform situated assessment, data collection, analysis, dissemination of data, and workflow management. NOVA is required to deploy and maintain the Field Information Support Tool (FIST)™ in support of the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) Maritime Security and Domain Awareness program.  PACOM and it’s expanding South China Seas APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) Partners utilize FIST to facilitate the gathering, processing, storage, and dissemination of unclassified information to assist Security Forces with maritime security and maritime-related operations. In support of recent Maritime Security Initiative (MSI) Agreement FIST will contribute to the overall intelligence picture and bilateral intelligence operations, and provide Partner Nations with improved situational awareness of counter narcotics activities, terrorists, insurgents and transnational criminal organizations.


  • Mobile Application (Android, iPhone, etc)
  • Cell/Satellite/LoSat and Austere Communication
  • Secure Sensor Intergration
  • Data agnostic fusion
  • Real-Time Data/Information Analytics
  • Geospatial Intelligence Visulatization
  • Database Development and Information Management
  • Risked Based Assessment and Trend Analysis
  • Forward Deployed Command and Control (C2)
  • Multilingual Interface
  • Scalable, Exportable and Open-Source

FIST Capabilites

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IMT Mobility Solution

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