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Information Assurance and Defensive Cyber Security Support Services

NOVA is working with various customers within the Federal Government space to enhance the security posture of their networks. The goal is to help our customers achieve a mission assurance posture that ensures security and continuity of the Agency’s internal IT Enterprise infrastructure and services against an evolving spectrum of threats.


NOVA provides technical expertise to aid our customers in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive security strategy within the guidance established by applicable IA DoD Directives and Instructions. NOVA provides real-time support to monitor, investigate, and provide corrective action recommendations on unapproved or illicit activities occurring on our customers enterprise networks, including illicit/prohibited websites (e.g., gambling, adult and child pornography) and Unauthorized use (e.g., video/audio streaming, online shopping). NOVA also provides investigative support and handling of security domain spillage incidents (unauthorized or accidental release of classified information to a lower or unclassified system or to unauthorized persons), including mitigation and cleanup activities.

Other IA and Cyber Support Services consist of:

  • Analysis and tracking of data for critical report spreadsheets necessary to ensure compliance with USCC TASKORDs and OPORDs.
  • Comprehensive digital forensic examinations of computers, handheld/mobile devices and related digital storage media and onsite data collections
  • Conducting Network Security Scans and Operational Security (Vulnerability Management) Activities
  • Documenting fix actions such as firewall, switch, and router updates in the Vulnerability Management System (VMS) to ensure customers received their ATO.
  • Developing a Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M) tracker etool and process to streamline and update any outdated paper and email methodology for tracking POA&Ms
  • Analyzes and assesses vulnerabilities in the infrastructure (software, hardware, networks), and investigate available tools and countermeasures to remedy the detected vulnerabilities, and recommend solutions and best practices.
  • Analyze and assess damage to the data/infrastructure as a result of security incidents, examines available recovery tools and processes, and recommends solutions.
  • Test for compliance with security policies and procedures. May assist in the creation, implementation, and/or management of security solutions.
  • Investigate and utilize new technologies and processes to enhance security capabilities and implement improvements. Our Cyber Teams have implemented security software, including tools for monitoring, traffic analysis, intrusion detection, virus/spyware/malware detection, anti-virus software, and so on.
  • Integrates/implements security into applications software. Our Cyber Team has analyzed encrypted information to break the code/cipher or to determine the purpose of malicious software.
  • PKE/I Support Services to include design and implement policies, SOPs, and workflows, and performing token issuance, revocation, and troubleshooting assistance