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Apple Mobility Solution: “NOVA is the preferred Apple® Reseller/Integrator for Indian Country”

As the preferred Apple Reseller for Indian Country and because of NOVA’s work with various Tribes, we are in a unique position to tailor solutions that work within the Tribal environment. Whether it is telemedicine, electronic health records, automating paper forms, NOVA has a stake in the success of its Tribal customers and is committed to making a difference. We are not a hardware and mobility business, serving people – we are in the people business, delivering solutions. It’s about the human experience of using mobility to create lasting impacts to Tribal communities.


  • Hospitality/Tourism/Casinos: We design eConcierge solutions for tribal casinos/hotels to give them an edge to draw new customers as well as aide the hotel with top level marketing information. This solution is 100% customizable for each casino/hotel.
  • We utilize Apple iPads with custom Iris software to replace the traditional guest welcome pack with up-to-date, live destination information. This enables guests to purchase in-room dining, shop for products both internally and externally, book spa treatments, interact with hotel systems such as the TV or room controls, access local maps and attractions and even airport and flight information.
  • The iPad is used for creating customer engagement (e.g., decrease guest check-in times) to drive repeat business and boost revenue and thus enhancing your brand experience. This enables retail and digital signage; increased customer loyalty, and supports operational efficiency.
  • Healthcare – Telemedicine: The iPad along with custom software, is used for patient enrollment and “line busting” where forms are filled out prior to arrival by the patient which means less waiting and faster treatment/care. Knowledge management offers patients secure access to their own medical records, plus public information on facilities and services.
  • Natural Resources – Mapping and Monitoring Resources: The iPad along with custom software can deliver real time and remote monitoring, resource mapping, which leads to the efficient deployment of personnel and equipment/facilities. Soil surveys for agriculture, national weather and climate information, camping, game, and fish licenses and education can be moved to mobile applications.
  • Law Enforcement & Public Safety – Quicker Emergency Response: The iPad along with custom software can be used by law enforcement for evidence collection, online regulations, and forms. Emergency management and response can use mobile apps to access real-time data such as 911 calls, residences of sex offenders, and locations of fire hydrants. Tribal attorney offices and justices can replace paper based systems with electronic case dockets and court agendas.
  • Digital Public Library – Digital Reading Rooms and Preservation of Native Cultures: Public libraries are redefining themselves and looking a little different: book-less. Libraries are now focused on providing citizens with access to collections of electronic titles or e-books. With Native bilingual apps, Native history, culture, and publishing become effortless.
  • Paperless Agenda – Paper Replacement: The iPad is replacing paper agendas in governing bodies as an easy way to help reduce costs of paper, ink and administrative man-hours spent assembling the documents. It’s also enhancing communication among officials and providing access to real-time data. The iPad allows for edits and addendum’s to be added, making adjustments easier and more cost efficient versus the method of reprinting agendas or manually adding additional sections.

Mobile Case Worker – Clipboard Replacement: The iPad has become the premier choice for replacing clipboards and laptops for mobile inspectors. Replacing these devices saves agencies money by reducing hardware costs, enables efficiencies by allowing inspectors to more effectively complete an inspection and enhance communication between management and field employees.


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